Yay! Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to review and kickstart your social media strategy for your nonprofit organization. Everyone’s spending their time outdoors, enjoying the sun, the sand, the surf, and the beautiful nature outside. This is when you’ll see the dip in your audience’s engagement on social media. How can you keep your content fresh and relevant to your nonprofit supporters? 


Tie Summer Into Your Campaigns


Since summer’s on everyone’s mind, why not tie in summertime to your advocacy and fundraising campaigns on social media? For instance you could do these summer activities for your nonprofit, encourage your supporters to partake in them, and promote them on social media: 


  • Lemonade stand campaign (Challenge your fans to raise money through lemonade stand fundraiser challenges! Encourage them to share pictures of themselves on social media, and have them sign up for a donor goal campaign.)
  • Fundraiser pool party for the community (Host a great pool party for the community, with ticket prices going to your charity. Share videos, pictures, and testimonials on your social media channels.)
  • Summer picnic games (Host a series of outdoor games at your picnic to promote your advocacy or fundraising campaign for your nonprofit. The winner of each outdoor game would get a small prize, and would be publicized on social media to show how fun the event was.)

Make Your Fans’ Content Go Viral


From these summer activities mentioned above, you can encourage your fans to share social media content, or upload photos, videos, and testimonials about their participation in your nonprofit’s events on social media. You then can share your fan’s social media content to your social media accounts, which shows the rest of your fan base how engaged you are with your fans, and how much you appreciate them giving back to your nonprofit organization. 


Share What’s Happening At Your Nonprofit


Is your nonprofit organization doing anything special this summer? Hosting a major fundraiser, concert, or dance? Give your fans a behind-the-scenes peek at what’s going on! If you’re planning a major campaign for the fall, give a little teaser by showing a small snippet of what you’re about to do. This excites your fans and gets them pumped for what’s going to come in the fall campaign from your nonprofit. 


With these three tricks in mind, you can keep your fans engaged with your nonprofit’s brand this summer, and shows them how you and your nonprofit is having a fun, productive summer!

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