The news cycle for many nonprofit organizations is fast and unforgiving. It’s hard to stay on top of what’s happening to seize the cycle to drive attention to your nonprofit organization. However, with smart planning, you can plan ahead for most contingencies that will happen with well-known events, and work to seize the news cycle to capture support and donations when your nonprofit needs it the most. So what’s the secret to doing so? 


Is a contentious event currently in the news? Is there a decision coming down from the courts that impacts the nature of what your nonprofit does? Is there a natural disaster predicted to happen that needs the assistance of your nonprofit in affected communities? When you think of these potentialities, you can then predict a reaction campaign through social media, print, and e-mail marketing that seizes upon those events to showcase the best of what your nonprofit does in helping others in your community.


Get together with your team, and game out potential scenarios happening in each situation that could affect your organization. Such as what happens if a hurricane is predicted to hit your town? How would your nonprofit respond to that, and by which method would your nonprofit respond? If you are following a court case that could have legal ramifications for what you do, then plan out a response if the ruling is either positive or negative. 

By having a response strategy that is planned out for each scenario, it allows your team to contact your supporters immediately to drive action to your cause. It’s why so many nonprofit organizations seize the news cycle, and get a response out immediately. Here are two examples of nonprofit organizations that have done so: 

International Committee Of The Red Cross Responds To The Conflict In Gaza


United Way of Greater Toledo Area Responds To Water Crisis 

By seizing on the news cycle, and bringing attention to these important humanitarian issues, the nonprofit organizations are also elevating awareness about their nonprofit, and the work that they do. And that’s the secret behind their social media rapid response. 

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