It’s not just great web design or functionality with Itechra CMS, it’s much more than that. It’s about addressing the present and future needs of website technology that your nonprofit needs to stay in constant communication with potential donors. We saw the huge demand for websites to be mobile-friendly when mobile traffic started to surge last year, in which many nonprofits were receiving website visits from users on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. We knew that the increase in mobile traffic wasn’t going to stop, and that nonprofit organizations and companies needed their websites to work on these devices. 

That is why we created Itechra CMS to be fully responsive, easy to use without the need for a web designer, and with the latest social media integration tools to work on every end to the needs of potential donors. The beauty of responsive design is that a website designed with Itechra CMS as a template works on all mobile devices, and there’s no interruption in terms of accessibility. There is nothing worse than a badly designed mobile app that you “plug in” to your website, and your website visitor is robbed of the full experience of your website. 

That doesn’t have to happen with Itechra CMS. Our template comes with a powerful administrative back end that is incredibly easy to use, maintain, and to add content anywhere with our drag and drop page layout builder. You can build any page layout you want, and make it look beautiful on your website without the need for coding. 

There are thousands of website themes out there, but there is nothing like Itechra CMS, which is designed expressly for nonprofit organizations. We know that nonprofit organizations are on a small budget, and that they can’t afford to maintain a large web team, or to spend hours on website coding just to send out a blog post. 

Take a look at Itechra CMS today, test the live demo, and see how your imagination can be unlimited in terms of your campaigns, fundraising, and sharing success stories with your donors on every type of mobile device. 

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