It’s not just design that matters, it’s the experience your potential donor has when he or she comes to your website to learn more about your campaigns and to make a donation to your campaign. A cluttered, unwieldy website that is outdated with unclear navigation can throw off that user, and prevent him or her from wanting to make a donation to your nonprofit. Below is a list of the top ten common mistakes in bad website design for nonprofit organizations: 

  1. Unclear navigation menu
  2. Heavy reliance on drop down menus for subpages instead organizing content clearly on pages
  3. Donation button or form is at the bottom of the page, instead of at top or in call to action box
  4. Campaigns are not featured prominently, or there is a lack of visual content on slider to entice interest of the potential donor
  5. Small text that makes it harder for older donors to see content
  6. Small buttons make it harder to click
  7. Complicated forms with too many fields can prevent a potential donor from completing the form
  8. Too many call to action boxes
  9. Lack of volunteer sign-up for those who cannot donate but want to be involved at some level
  10. E-mail newsletter signup is not prominent 

If you review your nonprofit’s website, and find that your current nonprofit fits one or more of these common mistakes, the good news is that these mistakes can be easily fixed before the holiday giving season starts so you can attract and retain new donors for your nonprofit organization. Take a look at how Itechra CMS helps your nonprofit avoid bad web design mistakes. Want more information on best practices for web design for your nonprofit organization? Send us an e-mail here, and we’ll send you the information you need to make a great web presence for your potential supporters.

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